Calories, Jim & Jody & 6am Classes

Hey there, Rockstars! I am so excited to announce that the AVERAGE calorie burn per class last week was…Drumroll…599.81!! That is an amazingly high average! Thanks so much to all of you who participated in our contest!
Tomorrow night, Tuesday @ 5:30, join us for a VERY special event; Jim & Jody will be teaching a duo-instructor WATTS class! This is going to be challenging…and interesting for sure! :)
Lastly, you guys Clearly are not huge fans of spinning at 6am on Mondays. Ok. We get it. So, starting NEXT week, October 14th, join Amy for our new class time at 6am on Fridays! Wednesday’s 6am class with Nilton is staying put, which, by the way, is an unbelievable class and you should all try it!

About Donna Trask

Donna Trask is a certified spin instructor, personal trainer, and the new owner of Just Ride!
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