Burn it to Earn it

Just Ride Bumper StickersSummer is right around the corner, guys and gals. Parties, cookouts, concerts, and most importantly, beach days! With all that fun (and eating and drinking) ahead, how about a little incentive to build up those Just Ride calorie counts before you slide into those summer outfits. Starting THIS Saturday, we will be GIVING AWAY these super cool bumper stickers for our calorie-counting elite! There is a very limited supply of these special edition stickers, so if you want one for your car, waterbottle, office cubicle, etc, you’ll have to earn it*. : ) **Only one bumper sticker per rider.

* Bumper stickers come in 3 denominations: 600, 700 & 800.
To claim yours simply:
1) Burn mad calories (at least 600)
2) Take a picture of your bike computer, while the calorie count is displayed.
3) Post that prize-winning picture on Just Ride’s Facebook Fan Page.
4) Collect from Jody and be the envy of all! :)

About Donna Trask

Donna Trask is a certified spin instructor, personal trainer, and the new owner of Just Ride!
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