Spinning is for Dudes

Okay, ladies, do you have a guy in your life who is a little leery about checking out a class with you? Maybe he thinks it’s just for girls. Maybe he thinks he won’t get a good workout. Maybe he should think again! I came across this hilarious article (from Eric Gillan at Esquire) about a guy’s first experience at his girlfriend’s spin class.

My heart turned into a pulsating balloon-animal. My clothes were soaking wet. I was going to puke on my pedals. My lunch would splatter all over [the instructor].

He learned to love it though. A shrinking waist line, motivating instructors, and a room full of scantily clad women. What’s not to like about that?

Full article here!

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Donna Trask is a certified spin instructor, personal trainer, and the new owner of Just Ride!
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