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Each month one of our awesome instructors will be featuring his/her favorite playlist with class profile. Hope you all enjoy!

May: Christine’s Back in the Saddle “Christine’s Back in the Saddle “
Christine's Back in the Saddle! by Just Ride on Grooveshark

This ride is designed to work on your strength and increasing your endurance with moderate-heavy climbing. Minimal work out of saddle! It’s important to stay focused on form, your effort, and breathing throughout. This workout will challenge your mental focus and stamina in the saddle!

    • Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Wham!– warm up, 50-60%, easy flat road
    • Tonight You’re Perfect, New Politics – continue warmup, increase resistance, in/out of saddle for :10-:15 sec holds.
    • The Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga– Find your rhythm -90-110 RPM, begin to elevate heart rate, standing runs, moderate resistance
    • Round and Round, Ratt– begin strength/endurance pushing yourself at 70% of max effort-seated climb, 75 RPM, 85 RPM running with resistance
    • Love The Way You Lie, Eminem, Rihanna– hard climb, focus on form and add resistance till you feel a shift in your saddle-seated climb alternating 65RPM with Rihanna, 80RPM with Em.
    • Mudshovel, Staind– seated climb 75RPM with an increase of 5RPM’s throughout
    • Hang With Me, Robyn– 90-105RPM, 80%, high tempo with moderate-hard resistance
    • I’m Always Here, Jimi Jamison– 65-85RPM seated heavy hill climb with the Baywatch Theme! adding and subtracting 10RPM’s throughout
    • Lights, Ellie Goulding– 80-100RPM adding 5RPM’s every :30sec
    • Wake Up, AWOLNATION– 70RPM seated climb to 80RPM running with resistance
    • Something Bad, Miranda and Carrie– 80RPM :45sec, crank on 3-4 gears for a heavy climb :45sec
    • Bad for Me , Megan & Liz– S75RPM-95RPM Rolling Hills into the final climb
    • One, Mary J & U2– begin at 85RPM, add 1 gear every time you hear “one”, stand when you feel a shift in the saddle and continue climbing keeping your RPM above 60
    • Love and Memories , O.A.R.– flush the hills out and race to the finish at 90-110RPM
    • Could You Be Loved , Bob Marley– cool down, 85-90RPM, light resistance

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