Rewards Program

We’re happy to announce that Just Ride has partnered with Perkville to provide our loyal customers with FREE CLASSES for doing what you love to do: attending classes, of course! It’s sort of like a frequent flyer program, but for Just Riders. You can earn points by attending class, referring friends, or talking about us on your Facebook and Twitter! Each time you do any of the above, you earn points towards a free class!

Earn Perks

  • refer a friend — 50 pts
  • class attended — 10 pts
  • join program — 10 pts
  • facebook post — 5 pts
  • tweet — 5 pts

Redeem Perks

  • a free class -200 pts

When you attend class, you’ll receive an email to enroll in the program. After that initial enrollment, you’re all set to earn points towards FREE CLASSES! It’s as simple as that! Now go spread some Just Ride love with your friends!

Learn more at or email me if you have any questions.