These comments have come from our online review sites and Facebook posts over the past nine months. Thank you all so much for your continued feedback. It’s what inspires us to make your studio experience even better!

“One of the BEST workouts ever. You will definitely leave here happy.”
— Shawna W.

“The instructors are great and really want you to be comfortable in the class no matter what your level…”
— Mary M.

“I never used to make time for exercise, but I make time for this!”
— Lorna M.

“The atmosphere is so non-judgmental, the instructors are incredible, the music and the whole atmosphere is amazing!!”
— Tiffany G.

“Great mix of music, and fancy bikes with digital displays for resistance and rpms.”
— Jennie S.

“A+ and what a calorie burner.”
–Charles B.

“I now have energy to run around and play with my kids and live my life.”
— Kim C.

“Just Ride has helped me reach many goals I thought I would never achieve in preparation for my big wedding day!”
— Cindy C.

”I love everything about Just Ride!”
— Michelle T.

”Burning 800 calories before breakfast — and enjoying it — is something everyone should try at least once!”
— Chris W.

“I’ve noticed a difference in my body and it’s so fun and motivating. I’ve never pushed myself like I have here.”
— Shelley F.